Around the world – together

Laura and David Light, Segwaying in Rome

For more than five years, you’ve been carrying the Times around the world on your global adventures and then sending us your photos for our Just Back From feature.

Seeing where you’ve been and what you did — whether it’s in Duluth or Dubvrovnik — is usually a high point of the week.

Reporters sometimes check to see if their story is on the front page of the edition you took along; copy editors gloat if the headline they wrote is featured.

I use them to plot some of my next destinations, and clearly other readers do, too.

I want to take this chance to say thank you, and to encourage all of you wanderers to keep sharing your trips with other Central Minnesota travelers. The basics on how to do it are over there to your right, near the photos from the Lights’ bike tour of Rome.

Over the years, the Times has traveled with you to be part of photos of brides and grooms in full white dress-and-tux regalia at a destination wedding and to family reunions aboard Caribbean cruises.

We’ve been travel companions on every continent except Antarctica (anyone headed there?), and we’ve been to the Eiffel Tower and the White House and Cancun and the Vatican countless times. It’s all been great to share.

So what if your travels only take you as far as the Dells? Great! We’d love to see those trip pics, too. And feel free to offer up one of your best travel secrets while you’re at it.

With changing Times come some new opportunities. If you prefer to read the Times on your smartphone or tablet, we’d equally welcome your vacation photo with the Times on the screen instead of paper.

Want to do your Just Back From vacation moment with the Times on video? That’s great, too. You can send short clips to me by email, and I’ll post it on my Times Facebook page for the world to see (Haven’t checked it out yet? Visit www.facebook. com/sctimeslisaCQ.)

Do you have a great vacation photo with no Times in sight, or a hot tip on a travel technique or airfare sale? Post them on the Facebook page to share them.

And if you just want to chat a bit or keep up with what I’m gleaning from the wider travel community, follow me on Twitter @lisasschwarz.

It’s been great traveling this far with you. Thanks for taking us along!


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