Cruise ship food handling failures: You can check for youself here

On Thursday, CNN hit the Web with a solid report and telling video about trouble aboard a cruise ship owned by SilverSea, one of the industry’s high-end luxury lines.

On a SilverSea cruise, which costs an average of $5,000 per week per person, you might expect “trouble” to include grifters at the baccarat tables or a shortage of prime Champagne.

But you’d be wrong.

The trouble on the Silver Shadow was much more Carnival-esque: shockingly bad food handling discovered during a surprise inspection June 17 in Skagway, Alaska.

Aboard the Silver Shadow, trolleys of food, some at temperatures well above safe levels, were found stored in hallways. Other fresh food was discovered stored in crew room sinks and on and under crew beds, apparently in an effort to avoid inspection, according to CNN.

SilverSea, in a statement from its CEO posted on its Facebook page, outlines new training for staff, a hotline for workers to report problems anonymously and other corrective action.

The incident is the latest bruise on an industry that has been battered by its own actions for several years now.

How can you protect your health and your vacation investment? There are no guarantees. But you can check out the most recent cruise ship health inspection reports conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They’re online, and they cover everything from kitchen practices to pool maintenance to spa cleanliness.

You can also get the less-official lowdown by plugging into the cruising community at and other travel sites. (As with any anonymous review situation, bring a grain of salt and trust the most common opinions, not the most outrageous).


Check the latest CDC inspection reports for more than 150 ships:

See which ships scored perfect 100s:<DP>With100Score.aspx

Get all the details of the CDC Vessel Sanitation Program, including passenger tips:

SilverSea’s Statement:

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