Enjoy this American classic: the road trip

It’s here — the summer travel season is officially a day old today. So where are you going?

The road trip, a great American classic, always beckons at this time of year. Many of us who grew up with this Griswoldian tradition have a love-hate relationship with the idea of packing the family into a car for a trip to parts unknown.

But there’s a lot to be said for the bonding that comes with the stinky feet and Dad’s push to “make time.”

There are few better ways for a family to connect, provided headphones, gaming devices and seat-back movies get a few breaks along the way. The long stretches of together time in the car might not lead to revelatory confessions, but they are likely to lead to topics that rarely come up at home. The scenery along the wayside will spark opinions, memories, ideas and (at least in my argumentative Irish-German family) debate — priceless.

And then there’s the destination itself. If you’re breaking new ground, there are the ties that come from sharing fresh experiences. If your destination is an old favorite, there’s the fun of engaging in shared rituals built over time.

If you’ve abandoned the road trip in adulthood (guilty), consider this: Two words commonly used today to describe flying commercially are “hassle” and “torture.” When it comes to the open road, it’s all about “romance.”

It’s summer — time to hit the highways. And don’t forget to take a Times along, snap a photo at your exciting vacation spot and let us know when you’re Just Back From …

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