Humphrey Terminal gets bigger security checkpoint

Getting through Humphrey Terminal 2 security checks just got faster.

A new six-lane checkpoint just opened at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport’s secondary terminal as part of the airport leadership’s apparent work to improve the passenger experience there.

The Humphrey terminal handles flights by Air Tran, Icelandair, Southwest, Spirit and Sun Country.

The new screening station is at the terminal’s northeast end, near the access to light-rail and the Orange parking ramp.

In an airport statement, acting TSA Federal Security Director Rick Gordon said: “The Transportation Security Administration has installed the latest screening equipment, including three new millimeter wave advanced imaging technology units,” TSA Acting Federal Security Director Rick Gordon said.

He also touted “large areas” for passengers to “divest themselves” of shoes, coats, belts and … (you know the drill) and put them all back on after screening.

The new checkpoint is expected to be able to handle 150 more people per hour than the old one.

More than 1.5 million people traveled through the Humphrey terminal last year.

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