The art of trading seats

So you’re planning to fly together as a family, but you opted against paying for seat assignments that would ensure you all get to sit together.

Now what? You’re depending on the kindness of strangers, so paste on a smile and …

  • Ask a gate agent to help. If that doesn’t work,
  • Ask other passengers to trade with you. They’re under no obligation to do so, but it helps if you are willing to trade down. Have an aisle or a window? Offer to trade it for a middle seat or one at the back of the plane.

Extra Helpings

Looking for more tips to make your holiday travel better? Be sure to check out the Times’ Thanksgiving Day edition.

The extra-large holiday paper includes Extra Helpings of stories, including an almost full page of travel dos and don’ts.

Eye candy

There’s a subset of travelers as enamored by the processes of moving around the planet as they are with destinations.

If you’re one of them, get thee to CNN’s website for a terrific interactive report on 24 hours in the life of Atlanta’s international airport.

You’ll get stories from travelers and baggage handlers, brides and bathroom cleaners. You’ll even hear about how the terminal and its workers provide refuge for people who are hurting — physically, emotionally or economically.

Check it out here.

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