Travelers, make a disaster plan

I thought I’d be writing about the FAA’s decision to allow gate-to-gate, everything-but-the-phone-call gadget use on U.S. flights.

I was going to say it was the best possible decision, allowing use of our technology without subjecting each other to phone conversations in close quarters.

But then chaos erupted in Los Angeles with a shooting at LAX.

As I write, the situation is still playing out. The Los Angeles Times says the gunman is dead, the Star Tribune’s Twitter stream says the suspect is in custody. In short, no one is sure what’s happening.

We do know there are tens of thousands of family members and colleagues around the world who are very worried about people who were headed for Los Angeles International on Friday.

Almost none of them will face personal tragedy, but until they hear from their traveler, they will be in pain.

It’s a solid reminder of the traveler’s responsibility to keep lines of communication open to the people left at home. Will your cellphone work at your destination? Which email address will your boss check for news? Can you tweet an all-clear?

Every solution will be as unique as the traveler and their circle. Talking about it now could save excruciating moments someday.

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