Are Democrats more well-traveled than Republicans?

That’s the burning question “answered” Friday morning by the press release that landed in my email.

And, according to online booking business OneTravel, the answer is yes.

Six of its top 10 states for bookings last year were blue (California, New York, Illinois, Washington, District of Columbia, and Pennsylvania). Red states (Texas and Georgia) and purple states (Florida and Colorado) split the other four spots.

According to OneTravel’s decidedly unscientific findings, residents of the Democrat-leaning states booked 2.5 more trips per year than those in the GOP-leaning states.

But the red-staters spent more, the company said, by an average of $46.28 more per booking.

Among the 10 least-traveled states in the survey, five are red (West Virginia, Wyoming, Mississippi, South Dakota and Idaho), four are blue (Delaware, Vermont, Maine and Rhode Island) with purple New Hampshire rounding it out.

The strangest things do happen during election season….

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